"Her words are impactful, and she gets results. I highly recommend her!" Jack T.

I hired Lauren Bociaga because of a friend’s recommendation and I’m so glad that I did! After using another attorney for my divorce and spending way more than I expected, I begrudgingly hired Lauren to represent me against a vindictive ex and her hostile (and dishonest) attorney. Lauren listened and was sympathetic in my fight to stay in my daughters’ lives while being alienated by their mother. I feel that her adherence to the law and her professionalism is exceptional among attorneys. She genuinely seeks the truth and maintains hope that the truth will, in fact, prevail in court. She is calm and precise in the courtroom as well as in her filings. Her words are impactful, and she gets results. I highly recommend her!

"We have nothing but gratitude and the deepest respect for Diarian & Bociaga." Jeff M.

My wife and I have trust Diarian & Bociaga with our family for the past three years. They have been incredibly supportive, honest, and generous throughout our entire custody battle. They have been forthright in every conversation with us, they are extremely knowledgeable about family law, and they ha e worked tirelessly on our case. Previous reviewers clearly don’t seem to understand how attorney’s bill – retainers, hourly rates, getting paid by clients. Aree and Lauren saved us thousands of dollars by advising us on strategies to negotiate on our own with my wife’s ex rather than padding their fees with unnecessary legal services. We have nothing but gratitude and the deepest respect for Diarian & Bociaga.

"Lauren and Aree are exceptional attorneys." M. Franco

We had a positive experience with our child custody/child support case. We learned so much about child support cases and advise anyone who is going through anything similar to contact Lauren or Aree! Having a great legal support on your side makes a world of difference. Thank you again for helping us through this difficult time.

"Aree Diarian and Lauren Bociaga are incredible attorneys who care deeply about their clients." Eric A.

I used them personally for my divorce and continue to use them for ongoing family law advice and services. After a bad experience with another attorney, I was introduced to them just weeks before my court date in Ventura County. They still took the time to learn about me, my family dynamics, personal situation and where the case stood in terms of conflict. They were reasonable in their advice and it was clear they had mine and my kids best interest at heart.

They work passionately and I have 100% trust in them. They’ve earned a long term partner in me.

"If you're looking for a divorce attorney who will be there for you every step of the way and fight tirelessly on your behalf, look no further than Aree." Nicole N.

I recently hired attorney Aree (Arezou) Diarian to represent me in my divorce, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. From the very beginning, Aree was professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. She took the time to listen to my concerns and was always available to answer any questions I had throughout the process.

Aree was incredibly thorough in her approach to my case and left no stone unturned. She was able to negotiate a settlement that was fair and equitable, while also advocating strongly for my rights and interests.

Throughout what was a very difficult time in my life, Aree provided me with the support and guidance I needed to make it through. I always felt like she had my back and was fighting for me every step of the way.

If you’re looking for a divorce attorney who will be there for you every step of the way and fight tirelessly on your behalf, look no further than Aree. I’m so grateful for her help and would recommend her to anyone going through a divorce.

"Lauren is absolutely incredible. My hero." Christina S.

My ex was dragging me through frivolous litigation, and she helped put me at ease throughout the whole ordeal and ultimately won my case. I can’t thank her or recommend her enough. I also talked to Aree during my initial consultation and thought she was great as well. Basically, you’ll be in good hands at this law firm!

"They took my traumatic experience and made it so much easier to handle." Namirah S.

If you need help with family law, look no further. I’ve had an amazing experience with this last firm. I hired this law firm to help me with a restraining order. Aree and Lauren were so helpful with my case.

What stood out to me was their empathy. During the phone consultation, Aree made me cry happy tears! She gave me so much info and reassurance in just 30 minutes. I felt so relieved that I had a knowledgeable and compassionate firm stand by my side. I didn’t have that experience with any other firm (judging by other phone consultations).

Lauren took over my case, and I continued to be impressed by her professionalism and her promptness. I can email her at any time in the day, and she quickly responds, even before 8 in the morning the next work day before the office even opens! The dedication to ease the worries of her clients is unreal. She wrote strong letters and arguments supporting my case. In the end, she helped me come to a settlement. Lauren helped me save so much time and money by communicating with my ex. Saved me so much heartache in the long run. I didn’t get everything (as expected). Surprisingly though, I got more money back than I thought! I see that as a big win.

I’m so thankful that they took great care of my case. They took my traumatic experience and made it so much easier to handle. I felt so much ease when I gave them my case as I was incredibly nervous to navigate the court system on my own. I wasn’t able to sleep or take care of myself before, but since hiring them, I’ve been able to focus on my mental health. My ex was lying in his first reply to my restraining order before I hired them, but as soon as I retained counsel, he didn’t bother to respond anymore! That’s how convincing and strong this law firm is. High quality law firm that actually cares about your well-being.

YOU GUYS ARE ALL AMAZING, I can’t thank you all enough.

"My only regret is that I didn't hire them sooner." Ashley G.

The first thing I want anyone who may be reading this review to know, is that if you are looking for the best firm to handle your divorce, Aree, Lauren, and Karina are JUST THAT- the BEST. My only regret is that I didn’t hire them sooner.

Prior to meeting Aree and Lauren, I had hired two other attorneys to handle what was a very brutal divorce. It carried on, one continuation after another for about a year. My two other attorneys both told me the same thing on day 1- that they “understood my case, it would be a piece of cake and it would cost me less than $10k to complete it.” Both attorneys did nothing but file continuation after continuation, as they continued to request literally thousands of documents from me (and fees!), and then filed the documents with the court WEEKS after documentation deadlines, only to force additional continuations! I was starting to think that this was how all attorneys must function. It was so disappointing, and I felt so played.

I had thought that my divorce would likely take another year to complete and was being told that I would be looking at possibly having to pay my ex-husband’s attorney fees, alimony, and possibly even pre-alimony! I was contemplating bankruptcy, selling my house, etc. I had no idea how I could sustain getting out of the mountain of debt my ex husband had put me in, continue to pay thousands in attorney fees AND keep my house while possibly having to pay alimony to my ex husband for the next several years. After my divorce, my income had substantially increased while my ex husbands income had declined (sidebar- he had 7 jobs while we were married, earning about 10% of what I earned annually throughout the entire marriage and NEVER contributed one penny towards household expenses. The only thing he did was use my credit cards and managed to rack up an enormous amount of debt). I wanted a divorce so badly, I was desperate. I just wanted my life back. This was a short term marriage- 4 years, no kids. No prenup!

Thank GOD I was introduced to Aree. The second I spoke to Aree about my case, I knew she understood it like no one else had been able to previously. I decided the SAME day I spoke to Aree, to retain her and fired my 2nd attorney. Within 40 days, my case was completed, status of my marriage was terminated and not only did I not have to pay my husband’s attorney fees, I also did not have to sell my house or pay alimony. I did “buy” some debt, to offset my alimony obligation, which was the best possible outcome as I was able to refinance to consolidate that, saving me thousands of dollars per month!

Aree and Lauren changed my life. They turned a horrible mistake into a blessing. I learned a lot from both of them during the time I worked with them. They were my attorneys but they have turned into my friends as well. I never felt for one second that they didn’t have my back. They supported me the whole way through the end of what was the hardest time of my life. They FREED me. Hiring Aree and Lauren was the best money I think I’ve ever spent.

I will always remember the judge saying, “status is terminated.” It was the best feeling I think I’ve ever felt. And, we celebrated that win together.

Thank you, Aree and Lauren for helping me to not only get my life back, but my power back. Thank you for caring. Thank you for being an example of what a GOOD, Competent attorney does for their client. You were absolutely incredible.