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Nobody wants to go through a divorce. It can be an extremely stressful time in your life, and the legal processes associated with a divorce can be complicated. Each and every divorce is unique, so a “one size fits all” approach is not the answer you need during this difficult time. You need a family law attorney in Van Nuys who can work aggressively and creatively to find a solution that is in your best interest. 

At Diaraian & Bociaga, our Van Nuys divorce lawyers can help.  We always keep your best interest a top priority, and we are fully prepared to litigate when the situation requires it. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

California Divorce Law Basics

In California, you can use a divorce to end either a marriage or domestic partnership. There is no requirement that either spouse prove wrongdoing by the other spouse to move forward with a divorce. This is known as a no-fault divorce. To take things a step further, one spouse may be granted a divorce even if the other spouse does not wish to get a divorce.

The process of getting a divorce begins by filing an action with the court. To obtain a divorce in California, either you or your spouse must have lived in California for the past 6 months. After your spouse is served with the divorce action, a divorce agreement needs to be reached. If a mutual agreement cannot be reached by the parties, then a judge will hear the case and decide on the details of the agreement. Going to trial usually adds a lot of time and expense to your divorce proceeding, but it is sometimes unavoidable. Final paperwork is then submitted to the court to make the divorce final. By law, a divorce cannot be finalized until 6 months has elapsed since the filing of the initial action. A divorce lawyer in Van Nuys will make sure the you understand the basics of divorce in California.

Reaching An Agreement In A Divorce Case

There are many things that need to be addressed in a divorce agreement. Some of the obvious items include the splitting of property and assets, custody of minor children, and financial responsibilities of the parties going forward. The quickest and easiest way for this to happen is when both parties can come to a mutual agreement on these items. In some cases, divorce mediation is used to help the parties reach an agreement. However, we understand that it is simply not possible to reach a mutual agreement in every divorce case.

When an agreement cannot be reached, our team will litigate aggressively for you. We have experience working with experts, such as forensic accountants, probate attorneys, and others, to prove your case in court. In this situation, a judge will hear the evidence and make a final ruling that addresses the specifics of the divorce agreement.

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When you are going through a divorce, you need someone there to help you through the process. We understand that our clients are going through a highly emotional time, and we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals. Since no two divorces are the same, we approach each case with a solution-oriented mindset. Contact a divorce attorney in Van Nuys today from Diarian & Bociaga to put our expertise to work for you today.