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July 2017

Explaining Child Custody in California

In the practice of family law, child custody and parental visitation arrangements are some of the most complex and challenging aspects of the divorce litigation process. Attorneys and parents alike want to achieve the best possible outcomes in these arrangements, as the decisions can affect…

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Posted in On July 19, 2017

Hiring a Quality California Divorce Lawyer

No matter the circumstances, divorces can be a complex matter filled with confusion, frustration, and emotional anguish. In California, the complex nature of divorces means that the help of an experienced California divorce lawyer is often required to negotiate the process.  Choosing to legally separate…

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Hiring a Domestic Violence Attorney

Victims of domestic violence deserve safety and security, regardless of the nature of the violent incident and its circumstances. One of the leading tools in providing that safety is a “restraining order”, sometimes referred to as an order of protection. If you are a victim…

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How Much Child Support Should I Receive?

Couples legally dissolving their marriage must undergo many difficult steps as the divorce becomes final. With the help of a divorce attorney, or by going it alone, hard decisions must be made, and each one of them is filled with emotional turmoil. Child custody and visitation…

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All About LGBT Family Law

For many years, the Sperling Law Firm has been proud to offer our expert family law services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals in Southern California. In recent years, more focus has been given to the unique needs and dynamics of LGBT family…

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About Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements have been in existence for many years. Long looked on as something only wealthy people do and met with derision and ridicule by the general public, such agreements have finally begun to have a better public opinion in recent years. Today’s couples have…

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