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Restraining Orders

Hiring a Domestic Violence Attorney

Victims of domestic violence deserve safety and security, regardless of the nature of the violent incident and its circumstances. One of the leading tools in providing that safety is a “restraining order”, sometimes referred to as an order of protection. If you are a victim…

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What is a Domestic Violence Restraining Order?

Victims of domestic violence have specific legal rights. One of the legal remedies available to domestic violence victims is something called a domestic violence restraining order. This order, issued by a court, is designed to protect someone from acts of abuse or violence by someone…

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Restraining Orders in California

During a divorce, emotions can flare. Divorces are often filled with drama, anger, and uncertainty. In some cases, a legal instrument called a restraining order may be called for. Restraining orders, sometimes referred to as “protective orders”, are issued by the court and serve to…

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