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How to introduce your kids to your first love after divorce

What didn’t happen right away: My divorce. There’d been a chalk outline around our marriage for years, but we officially became a statistic in June 2020. What did happen right away? My finding a new love, much quicker than I could ever have imagined. Soon…

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Top Tips For Divorcing Parents From A Child Of Divorce

Several weekends ago, I celebrated a belated Mother’s Day and birthday with my extended family. One of the pictures taken reflects four generations of our family: my mother on one side and my father on the other. That may not seem noteworthy, but they have…

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How can a lawyer help in family disputes?

In some cases, if both parties fail to agree on each other’s settlement, the help of a family lawyer is essential. They are professionals who specialise in matters of family law. Handling legal issues concerning the members of the family is their expertise, and these…

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Posted in On August 3, 2021

Kacey Musgraves’ Cheeky Instagram Says a *Lot* About How She’s Handling Her Divorce

According to Kacey Musgraves, if you would have told her on Grammys night 2019—the night that her album Golden Hour won Album of the Year—that she would be divorced from husband Ruston Kelly, the man she credited for making Golden Hour happen, by 2020, she would have said, “Fuck off. No. No…

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Posted in On July 26, 2021

Surviving divorce: a guide for family businesses and charities

When Bill and Melinda Gates announced their marital split last month, the immediate question was what would happen to the Gates Foundation? The message was clear: the couple are divorcing, but their charitable foundation, which has distributed $55bn since its launch in 2000, and their…

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Posted in On July 19, 2017

Hiring a Quality California Divorce Lawyer

No matter the circumstances, divorces can be a complex matter filled with confusion, frustration, and emotional anguish. In California, the complex nature of divorces means that the help of an experienced California divorce lawyer is often required to negotiate the process.  Choosing to legally separate…

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Posted in On June 1, 2017

Tips on Paying for Child Support

In a divorce settlement, couples with children face extra challenges. Child support arrangements are designed to provide for the needs of children after the parents have separated. Part of this arrangement hinges on who is responsible for paying and how much monthly support payments will…

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