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August 2021

How to introduce your kids to your first love after divorce

What didn’t happen right away: My divorce. There’d been a chalk outline around our marriage for years, but we officially became a statistic in June 2020. What did happen right away? My finding a new love, much quicker than I could ever have imagined. Soon…

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Top Tips For Divorcing Parents From A Child Of Divorce

Several weekends ago, I celebrated a belated Mother’s Day and birthday with my extended family. One of the pictures taken reflects four generations of our family: my mother on one side and my father on the other. That may not seem noteworthy, but they have…

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How can a lawyer help in family disputes?

In some cases, if both parties fail to agree on each other’s settlement, the help of a family lawyer is essential. They are professionals who specialise in matters of family law. Handling legal issues concerning the members of the family is their expertise, and these…

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3 Steps to Resolving Conflict Within Your Family

I’m sure you’ve noticed that we have the most intense conflicts at home, within our family, with the people closest to us. They are the conflicts that bring us the most pain, make us suffer, and distress us. Whether it’s yet another shouting match with…

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The 8 Keys to Resolving Family Conflict

Making Divorce Work:  8 Essential Keys to Resolving Conflict and Rebuilding Your Life (Penguin/Perigee 2010) excerpts The 8 Keys to Resolving Family Conflict: 1. Be hard on the problem, not the people. 2. Understand that acknowledging and listening are not the same as obeying. 3. Use…

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Dispute Resolution with Collaborative Law

I was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2005. I started handling family law matters in 2007. At the time, I was an associate handling commercial matters when the family law associate at the firm went out on maternity leave. I offered to help out…

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Posted in On August 9, 2021

7 Steps To Ensure A Successful Estate Plan

Your estate plan is much more likely to be successful when you recognize and avoid the most common mistakes and take some key actions that often are overlooked. Most estate planners will tell you that the same estate planning mistakes and oversights recur with frequency,…

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